welcome to my urban dog

my Urban Dog is proud to offer excellent pet care services, we understand that the health and happiness of your pet is best achieved by developing a positive and fun relationship with both you and your pet.

about us

I’m Carrie, the owner/operator of The Urban Dog.  My love for animals started early, my first job was at a pet store, which nurtured my love of animals and helped focus my college endevours. I majored in Biology with a Zoology minor with a goal of becoming a veterinary professional.  I acquired a veterinary technician position at Ottawa Animal Hospital, whose stellar four year AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) certification offered me unlimited opportunity to learn every aspect of quality veterinary care.  There I also developed the gift of seeing our animal friends as they truly are, knowing and understanding their behaviors and how to nurture and care for the incredible bonds we form with them.  i became one of the head surgical techs, which further advanced my skills in the field and showed me that I am at my best when caring for animals everyday.

So now, as an Animal Care Specialist, I offer my services to you and your family.  I am privileged and honored to share my knowledge and past experience to help foster the precious bond you share with your special friend. 

photos of our happy urban dogs